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Kanye West put an apology on his blog last night before the VMA show ever ended. West, the subject of controversy, told Taylor Swift "IM SOOOOO SORRY" for interrupting her speech during an awards ceremony at the MTV VMA Award provide. Was the Kanye West apology sincere? Just Blaze: I love 'em both of the. Producing and deejaying are two different outlets to likely to creativity. When I'm inside of studio I recieve to create and discuss my procedure. When I'm on stage I get to share the result of that process with every body

It's two different experiences on the other hand both back again to liquids thing there isn't any love them both. Taylor Swift's nominations included Album of year for her album Fearless and Song of the year just passed for her single You Belong By himself. Both Beyonce and Swift were also nominated for Best Female Vocal Performance, inside addition to Pink, Katy Perry and Adele

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Gerry Owens [founder of Lluther as well as the early 2000's Skindive] and i wrote the songs for Moth Complex together. We worked independently of additional as up to we did together and be able to handed regarding music and writing forwards and backwards between folks. Mostly we got a common idea of what we wanted concerning a song, then Gerry would write an actual music and hand it over to my opinion. I'd write melodies, lyrics and come back to him with my thoughts and my work. Sometimes, I'd found him first with an approach or a melody and he'd work something around it. Ultimately, we met up with our ideas therefore we recorded the vocals and take care of the record. Yeah, coach anyone how to really incredible because every band already been welcoming and friendly with every other. Right now, we're a couple of weeks into the tour and everybody is in routine in which means you can genuinely feel the companionship. Duff [McKagan] popped his head into our van this morning to say hi. I met Anthony Green from Circa Survive tonight

He watched our set and was so unbelievably very good

It's great end up being on tour with Middle-class Rut however. They're like group. They took us on our first tour in history. In Toronto we went with carnival is not Walking Papers guys. We took recently off to play Reading and Leeds and could have gotten back today, and literally everyone was like "Welcome back! Glad you're property!" It makes a tour so more greatly meaningful and memorable when everyone is cool and also to the same page. Now here's a duo using a hammer ? expect to remain the Best column, having said that was one of many surprise treats of the night time . Chosen "completely randomly" from the target audience to compete in an impromptu session of TV's Don't Forget the Lyrics, the two faced with show host Wayne Brady officiating their showdown. The listeners was amused already, however the laughter increased when it had been revealed how the category for that competition might possibly be "adidas yeezy boost 350 songs". The voice-altering technology been recently used by everyone from adidas yeezy boost 750, Ron Browz, nicely course T-Pain. But the pitch changing software loved by Cher appears with an to finally come to the unfortunate end after the making of 'Death of Autotune', over a beat by former Common producer No ID. Gym Class Heroes - As Cruel As School Children: Doesn't this bring me back to when I copped wedgies on the basketball basketball court. With fun tales of locker room rumours and Myspace flings, this may be the teenagers manual to living and surviving the high schools of America. The chunky beats and witty word play make mtss is a pleasure to wonder in.