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Do It Like Erdogan

Ημερομηνία ανάρτησης 16.08.2017

vallianos-arb16.08.17Dr. PERICLES S. VALLIANOS
Professor of Political Philosophy, University of Athens

Fresh from his “triumph” against the Turks (how fake this “triumph” was and how detrimental to the interests of the Greek people we cannot analyze here) His Excellency the foreign minister returned to his beloved Fatherland determined to apply the methods of the new Sultan Tayip Erdogan for the solution of our pressing domestic problems, such as the Press that refuses to be the craven bootlicker of the government.

Griechenland Wenn ein Leserbrief zur Staatsaffäre wird

Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 10.8.2017

von Ivo Mijnssen10.8.2017, 15:03 Uhr

Das griechische Aussenministerium legt sich wegen eines beleidigenden Leserbriefs mit den Medien an. Der Fall sagt viel aus über die fatale Verquickung von Politik, Medien und Justiz im Krisenland.

Nikos Kotzias sieht sich als Opfer der Medien (Bild: Simela Pantzartzi / EPA)

Nikos Kotzias sieht sich als Opfer der Medien (Bild: Simela Pantzartzi / EPA)

Wenn ein Aussenminister eine Verleumdungsklage gegen ein Literaturmagazin anstrengt, muss er dünnhäutig sein. Dies gilt auch für den griechischen Amtsträger Nikos Kotzias. Er klagte gegen die «Athens Review of Books», die 2010 einen kritischen Leserbrief abgedruckt hatte. Der Schreiber bezeichnete Kotzias darin als «fanatischen, brutalen und unerbittlichen Kommunisten» und «Gauleiter des Stalinismus». Nun hat das höchste griechische Gericht Kotzias recht gegeben und das Magazin Ende Juli zu einer Zahlung von 22 000 Euro Genugtuung verurteilt sowie die Vermögenswerte der Besitzer eingefroren.

Kotzias Ought to be Ashamed

There are many signs that democracy in Greece is going through a difficult time.
That is asserted by the New Democracy, academics, judges, journalists, and others.
Unfortunately, it is the grim reality.
Freedom of the press, one of the institutions from which the undermining of democracy usually begins, is under attack, also.
Surprisingly, in this case, the underminer of the freedom of the press is none other than the country’s foreign minister. 


Greek Foreign Minister acts to shut down Athens Review of Books

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

On 24 July the Greek Foreign Minister Mr Nikos Kotzias took action to freeze the bank accounts of the publisher of the monthlyAthens Review of Books(ARB) and impound the proceeds of the sales from its distribution company. The AEJ Greek section condemned the actions as unacceptable and issued the following press release.

An attempt by the Foreign Minister of Greece to shut down a monthly review

Greece’s Foreign Minister, Nikos Kotzias, froze the bank accounts of the monthly The Athens Review of Books’ (ARB) publisher Maria Vasilaki today. Furthermore, he seized her revenue from the “ARGOS” press and book distribution agency. In actuality, he is attempting to shut down ARB.

Over the past few years, Mr. Kotzias has been pursuing legal action against ARB– Greece’s equivalent to The New York Review of Books.

Statement of Protest



ΚΛΙΚ στην εικόνα για μεγέθυνση -δημοσίευση Καθημερινή 13.08.2017 


We wish to protest in the strongest terms the action taken by Nikos Kotzias, Foreign Minister of Greece, against the publisher of the Athens Review of Books (ARB), resulting in the freezing of the bank accounts of its publisher and the impounding of the proceeds of the sales from its distribution company. The purpose of this unconscionable and vindictive action by the Foreign Minister is to cause the financial ruin of the ARB, forcing it to cease publication. Beyond the threatened destruction of an important publication, this development deals a severe blow to the right of free speech in Greece and to the uninhibited dissemination of knowledge and exchange of ideas, which are essential prerequisites of an open and democratic society.